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The Skin Contouring Professionals in Saginaw, Michigan

You’ve worked hard to lose all of that weight. For many, skin contouring is the last step of the weight loss journey. Even though the fat is gone, oftentimes excess skin is left behind, essentially creating a new obstacle to hurdle after making it so far. Put the finishing touches on your transformation with Dr. Barry’s professional skin contouring services.

Though skin contouring focuses on removing excess skin, these procedures are often employed to enhance the shape and support systems of the underlying tissue, ensuring quality results that help you continue to feel like you.

Body Countouring Procedures

Skin contouring procedures can take a variety of forms, all of which end in a better-proportioned appearance with trimmer contours. Listed below are some of the most common skin contouring procedures.

Breast Lifts

Breast lifts restore or reshape flattened or sagging breasts.

Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks reduce excess skin hanging over the abdomen.
female lower body

Medial Thigh Lifts

Medial thigh lifts see to the reduction of excess skin in the inner thigh.

Arm Lifts

Reduce sagging of the upper arm with an arm lift.

Dr. Barry Can Help

As with any of our services,  Dr Barry and his friendly staff can help  answer any questions you may have regarding skin contouring.  If you feel as though any of these procedures would help restore your appearance and self-confidence, contact us today to arrange a consultation.