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Rejuvenating Breast Lift Treatments in Saginaw, Michigan

Why Get a Breast Lift?

The demands of life and the unforgiving nature of time can take a toll on your figure. If pregnancy, nursing, aging, weight fluctuations or another factor has caused your breasts to lose their elasticity, a breast lift may be a great procedure to help you regain a more acceptable cosmetic appearance. 

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy,  involves raising and firming the breasts by tightening surrounding tissues, removing excess skin and relocating the nipple and areola. In some cases a breast lift may be combined with breast augmentation with an implant to get the desired results. The procedure is unique from person to person since all bodies are different. Dr. Barry is happy to consult with you to determine if you can benefit from a breast lift procedure.

Will My Breast Lift be Covered by Insurance?

Many patients come to us hoping that their procedure will be covered by insurance. Since breast augmentation and enhancement procedures are purely cosmetic, they are not covered by health insurance. However, our dedicated staff at Ronald C. Barry MD, FACS will help you find ways to finance the surgery that will work with your budget.

Start Loving Your Body Again

If you’re self-conscious about your drooping breasts, give us a call today.  We’ll help you love the way you look.