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Skin Cancer Surgery in Saginaw, Michigan

o ur country's love affair with the sun and outdoor activities has come with a price.  Well over a million Americans will develop some type of skin cancer this year making it by far the most common type of cancer diagnosis.  Dr Barry has  extensive expereince with surgical management of skin cancer, treating well over 1000 patients.  

doctor examining skin

What to Know

Skin cancer rates are increasing faster than any other cancer. People with fair skin, light hair or eyes, a large number of moles or those who spend a lot of time outdoors are particularly susceptible to developing skin cancer. 
While cancerous growths can be found on any part of the body, most appear on the head, face and neck, leaving you in danger of disfigurement. In many cases, these growths require surgical removal. When performed by a plastic surgeon, these surgeries can be performed with specialized techniques to protect not only your health, but also your appearance.

 Treatments by Dr. Barry

Dr Barry  frequently sees patients with skin cancers. For those who have not yet been diagnosed, a simple  biopsy may be done in the office.  Dermatologists also treat skin cancers but frequently refer larger or more technically demanding  cases to Dr. Barry. Treatment typically involves surgical excision.  Larger lesions of the face and scalp area may need  surgical skin flaps to cover defects created by removing the tumors.   Dr.  Barry wll spend time explaining exactly what type of procedure you will need and make sure all your questions are addressed.
If you are concerned about a troubling growth or dark spot on your skin, it is important to not delay seeking medical advice.