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Sculptra and Rejuvenation in Saginaw, Michigan

Sculptra Aesthetic if formulated to address the underlying causes of facial aging, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms. This injectable gel works by gradually rebuilding the skin’s natural collagen structure, restoring volume to the face and reducing harsh wrinkles and folds.

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How Sculptra Aesthetic Works

Unlike toxin treatments that temporarily relax muscles to treat these lines, or filler substances that work by pushing up the dermis, Sculptra works by encouraging collagen growth, reconstructing the underlying structures of the skin. Sculptra is deposited deep within the dermis (rather than topically) to reduce wrinkles and restore facial volume from the inside out.
On average, the average patient requires three treatments over a few months. Results appear gradually during the treatment and the results can last as long as two years.

What Sculptra Aesthetic Can Accomplish

This treatment is used to correct shallow to deep folds and wrinkles in the face, including, but not limited to:

Smile Lines

Or nasolabial folds, are the folds that run between the nose and mouth.

Marionette Lines

Deep lines that frame the sides of the mouth. Also known as “laugh lines.”

Chin Wrinkles

Wrinkles below the mouth that grow more prominent with age.

Is Sculptra Aesthetic Right For You?

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Sculptra Aesthetic is made with a biocompatible synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid, which is naturally absorbed by the body. PLLA is FDA-approved and has been used worldwide since 1999. PLLA also has other medical uses, such as being used for dissolvable stitches.
If you think Sculptra might be a good fit for your particular needs, contact our office for more information and to schedule a consultation. As with all plastic surgery procedures, a number of factors are always at play that need to be considered by the surgeon. We work with you to make sure that Sculptra is the best fit for your situation and ensure your procedure produces the best effect possible.