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Laser Treatment Center

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“Why Not Pamper Yourself”

Aesthetic Solutions Incorporating Technology and medical excellence

Looking your best.  Feeling confident.  Enjoying life more.  It’s what we all want.  Yet many of us suffer from conditions that prevent us from doing so.

Laser treatment Center offers safe, effective and painless ways to:

  • Rejuvenate skin that is sun damaged or discolored
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Eliminate or minimize brown spots and pigmented skin lesions
  • Removed unwanted body and facial hair
  • Treat acne
  • Eliminate spider veins and broken capillaries
  • Reduce shaving bumps

How does laser treatment work?

Sharon Kousky R.N. performs most procedures at Laser Treatment Center.  Our laser-the finest and safest on the market-delivers laser light through the skin as the nurse glides a hand piece over the treatment area.
  • Depending on the procedure, the light will:
  • Seal veins
  • Impair hair follicles
  • Encourage collagen growth
  • Correct pigmentation
  • Triggers body’s natural bacteria-fighting defenses


Who benefits
How it works
What to expect
How long effects last
Hair removal/ permanent hair reduction
Most effective on medium to dark hair.
Treatments impair the growth capacity of hair follicles when they are in active growth stage.
Faster and less painful than electrolosis; more permanent than shaving, tweezing or waxing.
May feel a slight warm sting as laser penetrates hair follicle.  Might experience slight redness for a day.
Hair density, age and hormones can affect results.
Typically 5-8 treatments (package pricing available)
Acne treatment
Anyone with acne.
Green laser light is delivered through the skin, triggering bodies’ natural bacteria fighting defenses.  This reduces severity of current and future outbreaks.
Immediately return to normal activities; no side effects associated drug therapies; safe
Treatment area will be covered with a thin layer of gel.  Nurse will glide laser over area brushing motion as light is pulsed through skin.
See improvements in four 20 minute treatments.
Many patients continue to improve in months following treatment; some plateau and need repeated treatments (package pricing available)
Spider Veins
Effective for most people. Works best on smaller veins.
Laser light is delivered through skin and into veins. Veins walls collapse and seal shut.  Sealed vein is broken down and absorbed by the body.
Effective, fast, safe, no recovery time
Thin layer of gel is applied to skin.  Laser handpiece is directed over the vein, which usually disappears after a single pass.  Anesthetic cream can be used to reduce mild sting.
Appearance of existing veins will be permanently diminished or eliminated.  The development of new veins cannot be prevented.
Some patients are satisfied after one treatment; others require two or more (package pricing available)
Wrinkles fine lines, sun damage, age spots, pigmented lesions
Most skin types and colors
The laser corrects pigmentation, irregularities and encourages new collagen growth to smooth out existing wrinkles.
Gentle; no recovery time; safe for face, chest, neck and hands
Cooling gel applied over treatment area.  The cooled laser wand is placed on the skin.  When the energy is applied, it feels like a warm pulse against the skin.
Improvements are gradual—usually over 12 weeks.  The laser’s encouragement of new collagen growth should help slow the appearance of new wrinkles.   Sun blocks are critical to prevent new sun damage.
Usually 3-8 treatments (package pricing available)

Why choose Laser Treatment Center

We provide safe and effective treatment for acne, damaged skin, unwanted hair, and other aesthetic problems.  Plastic surgeon Ronald C. Barry, M.D.., the medical director provides the complete range of aesthetic improvements including Botox, facial fillers and, when necessary, surgery.  The technology offered – Laserscope – is state-of-the-art among lasers currently employed for cosmetic procedures.  As a non-invasive approach, laser treatment minimizes the pain and recovery time associated with most procedures.
Plus, the medical direction provided by Dr. Ronald C. Barry makes the Laser Treatment Center one of the safest, most effective and complete alternatives in the region.

Our Laser:

The gemini laser from laserscope has a sapphire window to cool the skin’s surface.  This eliminates the burning associated with less-sophisticated lasers.  It offers two different wavelengths of light – a 1064 nm yag to treat deeper skin problems and a 532 nm ktp to treat more superficial layers of the skin.

Laser Treatment Center

“Why Not Pamper Yourself”

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