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Can Breast Surgery Help Women With Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

A Woman
Few people like how they look and often struggle to deal with the mental health problem known as body dysmorphic disorder. This disease affects about one in every 50 people across the nation and causes a variety of severe self-perception problems that can be debilitating. 

For example, many women may feel disappointed about their breasts and wish that they looked different. Plastic surgery techniques are available to adjust the size of a woman's breasts and to help manage her body dysmorphic disorder.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Can Be Emotionally Painful 

Over the last few decades, professionals have learned to understand the issues related to body dysmorphic disorder. This disorder causes a person to perceive their body in negative ways, including thinking that they are fat when they are not. Influences on body dysmorphic disorder include being teased about something at a young age or images from the media.

Body dysmorphic disorder can be a debilitating disorder when it causes people to behave dangerously, such as binging and purging to lose weight. However, body dysmorphic disorder is not just a problem associated with excessive weight gain but with all elements of a person's physicality, including the breasts of many women. 

Many Women May Feel Body Dysmorphic Disorder About Their Breasts

The sexual nature of female breasts makes them an aspect that many women worry about regarding their physical appearance. As a result, many women with smaller breasts may feel self-esteem issues because they want larger breasts. However, women with larger breasts may also have problems with their appearance. 

For example, women with larger breasts may feel like others stare at them or feel excessive attention that they don't like experiencing. As a result, these women may want smaller breasts that aren't as obvious. The sad truth about these issues is that they aren't merely wish fulfillment but can be problems that affect a woman for years. 

Negative Perceptions Can Linger for Years 

The self-perception issues that body dysmorphic disorder causes can last for years. For example, heavy-set individuals who lose a lot of weight may always feel fat even if they are healthy. Sadly, these issues are likely to linger even longer with women who have problems with their breasts. 

Weight loss and gain will only marginally affect breast size and is unlikely to help with body dysmorphic disorder about breasts. Thankfully, breast surgery from a plastic surgeon could provide some help in overcoming this problem. 

Breast Surgery May Help 

Women who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder regarding their breasts may experience relief through breast augmentation surgery. For example, women who have been teased about their smaller breasts could increase their size to feel more confident about themselves. Many women feel more attractive and appealing after increasing their breast size. 

Likewise, women who want to decrease their breast size can get help from plastic surgeons. Breast reduction surgeries remove fat from the breasts to make them smaller and tighter. This process can improve not only a woman's body dysmorphic disorder but also manage pain in the back that the drag of larger breasts caused. 

Women who go through this process should also schedule regular counseling sessions with a skilled psychiatrist. These sessions are smart because they allow a woman to track her ability to manage her body dysmorphic disorder. With the help of professionals, she can better understand whether her breast changes helped her or not.

Plastic Surgeons Are Available 

Women who experience severe self-esteem issues or body dysmorphic disorder due to their breast sizes should consider plastic surgery as an option. Please contact Ronald C Barry, MD, if you want to change your breast size.